1974 ‘Chevy Nova gets a beastly upgrade with Ram 3500 4×4

An American classic just got a major upgrade that only a true ‘Murican will understand.

This 1974 Chevy Nova SS has been merged with the chassis of a 4×4 Dodge Ram 3500 for the strangest muscle car we’ve ever seen.

The interior has been left alone to provide a truly bizarre off-road experience for the gear head who loves the best of both worlds.

A 1974 Chevrolet Nova SS I shot at the Pigeon Forge Rod Run 2015. This show is known to bring in some unusual builds.But a 47 Nova on a Dodge 3500 Dually 4X4 running gear.Now this build is not just a quick Body swap.This build took some time and thought ,and a little money I’m guessing.Very cool Check it out!!!

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46 thoughts on “1974 ‘Chevy Nova gets a beastly upgrade with Ram 3500 4×4”

  1. That person needs too share the shit he is smoking,,,,,,ruin a classic….idiot…

  2. Because it’s fun. I bought a 71 Camaro that was on a Bronco frame. No personally I wouldn’t do it unless it was a rust case but I got to say the Camaro I had was absolutely badass and it got looks wherever it went and won shows

  3. More money than brains I guess. Nice job tho, at least they used a reel car for it. Could’ve bin a mustang. Lol

  4. Because it can be done, and a man who does this, does it with utmost skill to achieve his goal deserves praise. He wanted it, he built it, and those who love that stuff will drool.

  5. I actually had this exact car in 2006. 4×4 nova, bought it in South Dakota. Got hurt and sold it.

  6. I saw a 1970 ss el camino with 4wd suspension,it was about 3 feet lift, black with whit ss stripes

  7. If there’s rubber on the bumper it doesn’t matter what happens to it!

  8. That car is from my home town its setting on a diesel frame and drive train lol it also can be changed back to a car without ever knowing it was a diesel dually 4×4

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