1973 Dodge Dart 340 vs. C5 Corvette: Who Will Win?

The Dodge Dart is not exactly the most obvious choice for a muscle car, but it had some nice power versions capable of shattering the muscle car world with its compact appearance and stature. Here the 1973 Dart 340 goes against the C5 Corvette. The tricked out Dart easily destroyed the ‘Vette in a race the driver of the Chevy would like to forget as fast as possible.

And, as you could have read in the title, that is exactly what we have prepared for you in today`s face-off video below — a street drag battle between two legendary American muscle cars. A 1973 Dodge Dart with a 340 engine under the hood, and the legendary Chevy Corvette C5.

The only thing that it could be called (a little bit) unfortunate about this clip is that the author of it did not bother to give us some of the specs about these vintage muscle beauties. However, I`m pretty sure that this would not bother you to watch the video and find out the outcome of their (kind of a) friendly drag battle!

38 thoughts on “1973 Dodge Dart 340 vs. C5 Corvette: Who Will Win?”

    1. yeah i remember them, i just think it looked more like the demon than the square body dart.

    2. The church asked for a boycott of chrysler over the demon hence the two year run 71-72 in 73 they chamged the name to the darts sport

  1. That’s not a dart it’s a duster or a demon. Try and get your models right

    1. Its actually a dart sport i own one i would know just by the emblem and tail lights. You should learn to get your models right pssh you obviously know nothing about mopars anyone who does could tell its a dart right away

  2. DART!!!! still would have won but he went first and that gives any car a 1.5 to 2 car length head start. Vettes ounded like shit when it did get going.

  3. Any old lightweight muscle car can be made to go very fast in the quarter mile and as far as that goes it’s a lot to do with the driver and traction C5 may not have the traction right off the bat either way it’s no big accomplishment

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