This sad tale from a Muscle Car Fan,story submitted by Larry F.

GTO First Car

MCF User Submitted First Car Story

In 1977 at the age of 15, I purchased my first car. A white with black vinyl top black interior 1970 Pontiac GTO for  $400. The car was equipped with the base 400 350 hp engine, turbo 400, bucket seats, console, air conditioning, power steering and power front disc brakes. Of course the car needed some work but nothing too serious. The car was a very strong running car from day one, but I had a plan. 

I started the project by doing a simple tune up. At this time I discovered 3 fouled spark plugs. At this point my father was having second thoughts about allowing me to have this car. After all, his rule was like my brothers and sister, my first car had to be nothing large than a 6 cylinder. 

After 2 years, a left quarter panel, rear bumper, replacement trunk lid and the drivers seat partially recovered, I was finished. I repainted the car Cardinal red.

I ended up owning the GTO until 1988. The car was parked in 1983 after I joined the United States Air Force. At the time that I parked the car it had about 100,000 miles and the engine was getting tired. Of course living thousands of miles away from the car and having a young family, I did not have the funds required to rebuild the car. At that time, I felt great about getting  $800 for the car, but after seeing the prices that GTO‘s go for today, I realize my mistake. 

The next time I seen the car, my son and I were walking through a GTO junk yard in Illinois when I started looking at the only 70 GTO there. It was missing both bumpers, all of the front sheet metal, engine, transmission, front seats and console. 

My son told me later that he thought I was going to cry upon realizing that the car was my old car. Later I told him that I thought I was going to cry too.