1969 Dodge Hemi Daytona Sells for $900,000

The long anticipated Wellborn Museum Collection of select cars starts off with the sale of the 1969 Dodge Hemi Daytona and sells for $900,000!

47 thoughts on “1969 Dodge Hemi Daytona Sells for $900,000”

  1. Oh yeah me and all my muscle car buddies from the 60s&70s are banging heads nst wall for selling our muscle cars.late 70s I was buying muscle cars for under a grand all day long.had a 67 cuda 383 auto.60.000 miles on it bought for 800 bucks.68 gtx 440 50.000 miles.800 bucks.701/2 camaro.big block 4 gear.600 bucks.needed tuneup.73cuda 340.600 bucks.

    1. Same here used to get for less than 1000.00 back in the day in decent conditions had all the performance goodys ,my have do some minor repairs.but you have factory muscle. Yes I feel the same way,if I known they were pricey today I would kept all of them..

  2. Wow….that is an absolutely gorgeous car..
    In my dreams..I will own one someday.❤ Lol

  3. I don’t know….I worked at a Dodge dealership back when these things were new and they were junk. I never had the desire to own one since then.

    1. Y a déjà eu un garc de murdoch un comme ca il roulait l hiver avec si il aurait su la valeur queprendrait l’

    1. I just read about him buying one at auction for 900 k , I bet it is his , Joe Dirt returns !

    2. This is why you can’t buy an old car now people think a p. O. S. Is a Barrett Jackson car and Price them like that to!

  4. Not worth it. You spend that kind of money on it and do what with it. Nothing . just let it set in your collection. I understand you want to keep it nice and all . I just don’t get it.

    1. They call it investing like buying real estate stocks bonds Rare Coins paintings you buy it for the appreciation of its value

  5. That’s stupid. I love muscle cars but that is just as dumb as comes anything.

  6. I’m old school muscle car guy…that car IS NOT WORTH THAT MUCH MONEY…..EVER!!!!!..LOL

  7. The rich have ruined evrn the the things regular guys love made classics out of our reach, well there are still Vegas and pintos LOL

  8. And to think all of those I could have bought in 72 for less than $2,000.00 ….

    1. Way, way more than I’ve got, but pretty reasonable for a Hemi Daytona!

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I have a auto matic tranny that will fit that for sale

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