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This 1968 Hemi Dart Is The Strangest Ever!

While every exterior element of this 1968 Dodge Dart GTS makes it completely worthy for the pages of Mopar Muscle magazine, it is the things which are largely hidden from view that put it over the top. No, we’re not talking about the mint interior. No, we’re not talking about the fully painted, detailed, and amazing undercarriage of the car. We’re talking about the engine. This is a 1968 Dart with a Hemi in it, and before you start to flip the page because you’ve seen plenty of them, this is a 1968 Dart with a first-generation Hemi. The little 331 has been poked out to 342 cubes, and it is nestled between the stock fenders and under the stock hood. That got your attention, didn’t it? It sure got ours. How does this happen, why does this happen? Stick with us and find out.

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18 thoughts on “This 1968 Hemi Dart Is The Strangest Ever!”

    1. nice gear ratio. I had a 70 roadrunner super stock with 488 dana rear. Pavement eaters

    1. Mine came with a 383 , but I traded it for a 65 Fury 426 wedge. Bolted right in

    2. The 1968 Hemi Dart was a factory race car, it had huge rear fender well openings, steel wheels, these cars came in primer, there were stickers in different locations on the car stating, “This vehicle is not intended for public highway or roadway use.” And these cars were sold without titles, and the price tag in 1968 was about $2,600 and today it’s worth about $ 80,000

    3. wonder how many people got them registered someway to run on the street??

    4. As I said the 1968 Hemi Dart was a factory race car but it was available to the general public, these cars came from the factory with about 800 HP and there was about 80 of them made, a few years ago I was reading an article about a guy that has one and he got his registered. In 1968 Plymouth had a HEMI Barracuda factory race car, same set up same deal and I believe that there was about 83 made

    5. On the 1968 Hemi Dart I believe that the front fenders and hood were fiberglass

  1. I had 68 GT with factory slant 6 swapped it out and pute a 1970 340 out of my the mopars

  2. Never drove a Dart Hemi but did own a 68 GTS
    383 cud 4 spd Trans and 4.10 r
    Gears did not impress me, nose heavy didn’t turn very sharp.had a 340 that could beat it any time the 383 was a Mr. Noram special had stickers on 1/4 Windows saying Grand Spalding
    Dodge the 340 I built ,the big block didn’t show
    Me very beat by 350 hp Chevelle.beat it with my 340 .to me the 340 with x in engine no
    Was fast through the 1/4 mile

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