1968 Ford Mustang Shelby 500 KR Convertible

36 thoughts on “1968 Ford Mustang Shelby 500 KR Convertible”

  1. Sure, they’ll restore the VIN plates and roll a new collection of NOS and reproduction parts under it.

  2. Wow….is this ever old news! I saw this thing well underway in the restoration a few years ago at their shop!

  3. Show me when it’s done and the steps leading up to the finished results not a burned up rusted pile of junk

    1. I’m all for saving a rare Mustang…. but I wouldn’t want to be the one footing the bill on this one!!! They would be way far ahead to salvage the VIN tags and whatever they can of the drivetrain and put them in another chassis!!!

  4. Won’t be the real deal when they’re done but I’m sure it will look like one.

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