1967 Pontiac Firebird 428 V8 Four speed Convertible

Powered by a 428 V8, equipped with Edelbrock aluminum heads, intake, and four barrel carb…

20 thoughts on “1967 Pontiac Firebird 428 V8 Four speed Convertible”

  1. Nice! I remember when these came out. There was a completion in the supermarket to win one.

  2. 428 Edit
    In 1967 the 421 was bored to 4.12. this gave a displacement of 426.61 CID or a 427. The 428 had the same 4″ stroke as the 421, yet retained the 421’s 3.25″ Main journal, and was produced from 1967 to 1969. This engine produced 360 hp and 376 hp in 1967, 375 hp and 390 hp in 1968 and 360 hp, 370 hp and 390 hp in 1969. The crankshaft in the 428 also had a “N” cast on them as opposed to the 421’s Armasteel. In 1969, Pontiac also used a revised crankshaft out of a Pearlitic malleable-iron, although it still used the “N” casting letter. This new material had stronger alloys in the iron. All 428 engines were factory installed in large cars only. However, there were a few dealers that would install a 428 in a customers GTO or Firebird for higher power levels.

    It was replaced by the 455 for the 1970 model year.

    1. I had a 69 G.T.O. with a 428 and a tri power set up . Ran like a raped ape when carbs where tuned right.

  3. Theres a guy in the town where i live that put a 68 or 69 428 out of a Bonneville in a 76 Firebird, it was b s lanced and blueprinted and was rated j uh st over 500 hp! Fastest car ive ever seen now it sits outside rusting, engine has been locked up for over 25 yrs! It x as damn shame!!

  4. Nice looking car at a great price. I am assuming not numbers matching. But that just makes it more fun to drive.

  5. I see one thing wrong with this and that it is not setting in my driveway

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Bucket, nothing there should be a giveaway...

Mouse Castle

2 doors too many.

Not worth $1100 by a long shot, being old dont make it worth a lot of money

Susie Adams

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My Bad, I wasn’t able to see well

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What a beauty

15 k.

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