4 Monkees Drive Away in 1967 GTO And Create TV History

Back in the TV days of yesteryear a 1967 GTO was called upon to transport a group of Monkees and be the spokes car for a wacky group known as The Monkees.
Still popular today, The band and the car have an almost cult like following.
The Monkeemobile is a modified Pontiac GTO that was designed and built by designer Dean Jeffries for The Monkees, a pop-rock band and television program. The car features a tilted forward split two-piece windshield, a touring car convertible top, modified rear quarter panels and front fenders, exaggerated tail lamps, set of four bucket seats and an extra third row bench where there was originally a trunk, a rear-mounted parachute and a GTO emblem on the front grille.[wiki]
Two cars were contracted, one for the television program and the other as a promotional car, for touring car shows around the United States. Both cars would be built in the span of four weeks. The first version originally featured a 6-71 supercharged engine, a solid mounted rear axle (no springs) and extra rear end weight. This was to enable the car to “pop wheelies.” Because the car had too much power and was difficult to drive, the original blower set up was removed and a dummy blower was fitted. The second car was used as a touring car for auto shows and promotional events. Before its transformation into the Monkeemobile, the second car was first seen on TV as Major Nelson’s GTO in “I Dream of Jeannie”. Both were used on The Monkees TV series, one during the first season and both throughout the second season.[wiki]
In related news: SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – January 22, 2008,The iconic “Monkeemobile” incited a bidding frenzy and sold for $360,000
Looks like the buyer went”bananas” for the Monkeemobile

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  1. Watched their show every Saturday morning. Hey! Hey! We’re the Monkee’s. People say we Monkee around. But we’re to busy singing.To put anybody down.

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Muscle Car Fan

1969 Almost Perfect GTX ...

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Thom Wilkins

What do I mean almost perfect looks pretty dam sweet from the pictures

It is a Beautiful and awesome car Mopar nose how to build them I had one do wish I had it back

My favorite Mopar

the color reminds my of Dads Road Runner

Beautiful car, I use to have a 1969 gtx

This car is beautiful

I can see what's wrong with it. It's not mine.

Not crazy about the ragtop but even has the rally wheels I like that original

Yeah I had one back in the days back in the 70s

VERY-VERY - VERY- NICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I had a ‘68 convertible. Neat cars.

Very nice well done


Love that car

So purdy

God !!

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Muscle Car Fan

We Ride in a New Fast Tesla ...

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No way in hell do i want a car run by a computer.

Looks looks a Prius

POS has a fireplace on the screen.

My brothers got one.

Where r the engine??

That’s no muscle car that’s a piece of shit

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5 days ago

Muscle Car Fan

1965 CORVAIR MONZA Almost perfect original for sale 50,000 miles. ...

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Road oiler.

Not a muscle car , and lucky it has 50k on the clock...

Ralph Nader car

Robert Carll

I bought a 66 Corsa new, 140 hp, 4x1 carb set up, 4 on the floor ! Loved that car!!

Dad had a 65 Monza that we took fishing a lot. I remember putting some nice fish in that front trunk.

for an instant I thought it was the Chevrolet opala made in Brazil from 1968 to 1992 but the model similar to that would be the model from 1975 to 1979, a beautiful car

Had a 65 monza. Nice cars

Loved those cars! I worked at a service station in those days! You would be surprized how many owners didnt know where the motor was or that it doesnt have antifreeze!

Not a muscle car,do not rewrite history.

Super clean

Does it leak antifreeze? How’s the water pump?

Didn’t most of them catch fire ???

Bill Cooper here's you chance to relive the past!

Very nice!



My 66 monza

I have these

Sweet, send us a picture!

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6 days ago

Muscle Car Fan

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