1967 Corvette L88 Sells for $3.5 Million at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale

Barrett-Jackson: Only 20 L88 Corvettes were built, and only one in this color. The ultimate in American collector cars, this Corvette sells for $3.5 million.

28 thoughts on “1967 Corvette L88 Sells for $3.5 Million at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale”

    1. I was skeptical , so I checked , and you are right Mike ! there is no prize attached to this victory !!

  1. What ever happened to the jimi Hendrix Vette. ? Pretty sure it was an L88. It overheated in Nyc traffic. He just got out and left it. !!

  2. I love cars but give me a break! No car should be worth that much! All these fat cats jacking up the prices of these cars!

  3. Just like everything else they touch these ultra rich twits screw up things for “regular folk”.

  4. Holy crap brother I was thinking about writing the same thing then I seen your post at the end it just a shitty handling car by today’s standards even I had that cash to blow I wouldn’t

  5. Ridiculous…I am building an L-88 427 now, will drop it in my 65 Sting Ray. Car and engine ….under 50k. And Is can go have a ton of fun in it!

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