1966 PONTIAC GTO 389 4-speed TRI-POWER

Road cruisin’ review of a 1966 Pontiac GTO hardtop equipped with the 3x2bbl. 389 “Tri-Power” V8 & 4-Speed manual tranny. This is a sweet American muscle car with factory power brakes, power steering and an AM pushbutton radio. It rides on Pontiac PMD Rally Wheels with Firestone Wide Oval Poly-Bias Redline tires all around. This is an American Musclecar to be proud of!

2 thoughts on “1966 PONTIAC GTO 389 4-speed TRI-POWER”

  1. Had a 66 GTO. WS 389 Tri Power w/NO power brakes, NO power steering, just pure power!

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