Remember Adam West, 66 Batmobile Drag Car 427 Holman Moody Engine


In honor of Adam West, the real Batman we bring you the drag racing version of the Batmobile which was designed from the 1955 Ford Futura prototype car by George Barris.

The #4 drag racing Batmobile replica was of course built by George Barris from fiberglass molds taken of #1, (The Ford Futura), and mounted on a 1966 Ford Galaxie chassis that was lengthened by 11 inches.
It was used to tour various events thruout the U.S. and Canada from 1966-1968 and in 1967 the car successfully toured exhibition runs at dragstrips thruout the U.S.
The car was powered by a high-performance Holman Moody 427 V-8 and was the only replica that shot flames from the turbine exhaust.

When professionally driven it was driven by “Wild Bill” Shrewsberry, and could run the 1/4 mile in 12 seconds at almost 117 mph. Not bad for a Hollywood car.

I’d put it up against the James Bond Aston Martin anytime!
This car was also seen in”The Contaminated Cowl “ Batman episode on Jan,4th 1967.

427 Holman Moody Drag Batmobile

22 thoughts on “Remember Adam West, 66 Batmobile Drag Car 427 Holman Moody Engine”

    1. A custom manufacture builds them. Jerry Lawler of WWE fame has one. Don’t know who the Mfg. is, but I would LOVE to have one!

  1. George Barris built cars Chuck hosted the gong show

  2. I just found out about this from a friend and had to do a little research on the origin.

      1. It was specially made to tour dragstrips and exhibition races.

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