1965 Shelby Powered Mercer Cobrat By Virgil Exner

The 1965 Shelby Powered Mercer Cobrat by ex-Chrysler design chief Virgil Exner was commissioned by Esquire magazine to design revival cars that interpreted vintage brand automobiles from the past.
Ecah car would be modeled with their signature branding and made into the modern design of the current time.
The Mercer was a re-skinned 289 cu. in. V-8, four-speed manual Shelby Cobra 289 built by Turin coachbuilder Sibona-Basano and was one of four originally drafted. Copper is used for the radiator shell, exhaust guards, wheels, inner door panel trim, even the disc brakes were crafted from copper, as it was believed the material’s “superior thermal conductivity” helped reduce fading.
Very cool one of a kind car from the automobile vaults of yesteryear.

Virgil Exner
One of 4 custom made

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