Ford Galaxie 1964 to 1968

The Galaxie in 1964 looks different from last year with the sloped roof introduced in the ’63 ½ models and the exterior is more sculptured and aerodynamic looking thanks to NASCAR testing. The interior as well has many changes for the last of this body design. The Ford Motor corporation quality control is about as good as it could be and most of these cars will make 100,000 miles before any major repairs could be needed. The Ford Galaxie has a good year in 1964 and their sales eclipse the other big three competitors numbers with the deserved reputation of having a low sticker price, comfort, good handling, and durability for all models.
gal4 1964 Galaxie
The biggest selling Ford in ’64 is the Galaxie XL hardtop coupe and this is still a popular model for collectors. The basic XL has the 289 V8 with a new style thin shell bucket seat designed for driver comfort, as well lap belts are mandatory in 1964 for the two outside front seats. The high performance option is the 427 cu in (7.0 L) and this same engine in the Galaxie does well at the tracks around North America but the car is still too heavy and the new light weight Fairlane Thunderbolt does better with the same engine. There is another engine that Ford Galaxie had introduced late in ’64 for racing at NASCAR; the SOHC 427 “Cammer” was possibly the most powerful engine ever put into a production car by a North American manufacturer and is rated at over 600 hp (450 kW). NASCAR had a change in rules and this engine never went into large scale production because Ford was afraid of being held liable it was never sold to the public – officially – but there is a big possibility that a few Galaxies with these engines are out there somewhere in the hands of the public.
The 1965 Galaxie 500 has an all new body style, it is taller and wider with a stacked 2+2 headlight system with the XL designation dropped the 500LTD is the top model now. The engines are the same except for the six – it was dropped and an all new 240 cu in (3.9 L) is the smallest. The interior is much the same but the instrument cluster is altered somewhat and Ford introduces the double sided key. The new models have redesigned suspension – a three link style with all coils springs and the handling improves dramatically
In 1966 Ford introduces a new model; the Galaxie 500 7 liter with a 428 cu in (7.0 L) Thunderbird V8 engine. This year an am/fm radio is an option as is the dash mounted emergency brake light but the front and rear lap belts are mandatory now.
The7 liter no longer carries the Galaxie name in 1967 except on the VIN number and some of the trim part numbers still say Galaxie. The car has a rounder, less boxy look with a new grill that has a large bend in the center. The interior has a padded center hub in the steering wheel as well as other padded surfaces with reassessed dash controls and there are shoulder belt anchors installed awaiting the shoulder belt law. The latest in technology is available this year; it is an eight track tape deck The engine options are all the same but the duel master brake cylinders and back up lights as standard equipment.
For 1968 the grill is changed and the headlights are no horizontally mounted and the car sports side marker lights this year. The standard engine offered is now a 302 cu in (4.9 L) and other standard equipment includes courtesy lights, cigarette lighter, suspended gas pedal, and padded front seat backs. This year the steering wheel is again different and all the Ford products have a soft bar running through the wheels diameter with a plastic horn blowing ring.

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4 thoughts on “Ford Galaxie 1964 to 1968”

  1. James Marshall says:

    I restored a 63 500 XL convertible in the early 90’s. The 63 was my favorite Ford of all. The 500 XL was still around in 1965 as I recall.

  2. CARL Simion says:

    I love the 631/2 Ford galaxie with the 390 4 speed. It was a great car. I feel I need to speak up about what people are doing when they are building up their cars.
    I think it is a total car sin when people are building their Ford hot rods or even restorations. I feel they ruin the car when they degrade it by installing a cheverolet drive trane the car should be a purebred Ford! Not make it a cheverolet. If you want cheverolet, then buy a cheverolet. Dont buy a Ford and ruin it by installing cheverolet engines and parts!!!!!

  3. CARL Simion says:

    I had a 67 Mustang fastback 289 2+2 I loved that car. It was well built and fast. I bought the car in 1970 and it only had 15000 miles on it. I bought it for $1100.00. It had the 3 speed on the floor. Today that car is very rare. I wish I would have kept it. But back then we thought those cars would be around for ever.

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