Vin Diesel’s Fast and Furious Dodge Charger

We have all come to love him as the Dodge Charger-driving alpha wolf character in the Fast and Furious franchise with his undying love for his muscle car, his money, and his family. Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto is certainly one of the greatest movie icons that were ever portrayed since the 2000s. However, he would not be complete without the cars he drove that made him fast, furious, and virtually unbeatable in the racing circuits he joined.


We can all remember the savvy Dodge Charger he drove in the franchise’s six films so far. Vin Diesel basically drove three Charger models in the six films — a 1970 coupe model, a 1969 basic model, a 1970 RT model, and a 1969 Daytona model. Let’s take a trip on memory lane and review Dominic Toretto’s fast and furious rides.


Dom’s first Dodge Charger was a coupe he drove in the first installment of the franchise in 2001. The now infamous Black Charger that Vin Diesel drove was completely restored by Cinema Vehicle Services to be presented in full high-performance specifications. It houses a TBS supercharger with F.A.S.T electronic fuel injection, an N.O.S. 250 HP plate prepared with TCI 727 Torque Lite A/T transmission, a 528-cubic inch Chrysler Hemi with aluminum competition cylinder heads. It also features a Strange 3.73 ‘Locker’ rear end that literally puts all the power it creates to the ground, and Wilwood four-wheel disc brakes to ensure stoppage at the time it is most needed. Dominic Toretto may have driven other cars later in the franchise, but this will always be the car since it was his first. Nothing could ever top that.


Another Dodge Charger that Dominic Toretto was caught driving was a 1969 model he used to race with a freight train and ended up in a collision with a semi-truck. Heartbreaking as it is, the car was totaled in the scene. This was another of Vin Diesel’s black Chargers that surely made a mark on every muscle car fanatic who follows the Fast and Furious series.


The 1970 Dodge Charger that Vin Diesel drove in 2009 installment of the Fast and Furious Series, Fast and Furious 4, was an RT model housed in the Volo Auto Museum in Illinois. The model was set up with all the usual trappings expected in a customized muscle car like a sports steering wheel, massive bonnet scoop, and a stripped and customized interior. It has an automatic V8 engine and was sold by an auction site for $129,998. The car sold more than twice its street value, which is pegged at $55,000. But those cars didn’t get driven by Vin Diesel himself, did they?


The 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona that Dominic drove in Fast and Furious 6 came as a surprise to most fans. Diesel was reportedly going to be driving a Plymouth Superbird but ended up with a maroon 1969 Daytona when the movie made it to the theatres. Although this is the first time we see him in a ‘lively’-colored car, the awestruck fans let that pass with all the stunts Vin Diesel and the Daytona showed in the movie. The car was rigged with at least three dozen gears, a nitrous-filled chassis, and a “Danger to Manifold” warning. As usual, we find Vin Diesel’s character, Dominic Toretto, beating Paul Walker’s Japanese sportscar with good old American muscle. Kinda makes you wonder if Walker will beat him again after that chance victory in Fast 5, eh?

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