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The Sunbeam Tiger containing a high performance V8 engine was in production from 1964 until 1967 by Rootes Motors Inc.  The name is inspired by the original Sunbeam Tiger world land speed record holder in […]

The goal of Chrysler’s Plymouth Division for 1968 was to market a high performance muscle car that would produce fourteen second times in the quarter mile but would still retail for under $3,000.00. The sluggish […]

The new 1972 Montreal luxury sports car was not available anywhere in Canada or elsewhere in the North American market place, at least not  as a new car, and you can blame emission and safety […]

  A Chevrolet design work shop named “Project Opal” had a mandate to build a two seat sports car for the American market. The end result of this work was a hand built Corvette prototype […]

1967 Rebel  The Rebel’s first appearance is as a power option package for the Rambler Classic for the one year only in 1957. The Rebel was back for one more year in 1966 as a […]

The Lamborghini two door coupe; the Reventon (pronounced Rebenton) was the most expensive car produced by the company until the newest Veneno model was introduced in 2013 for two million U.S. dollars. The name means […]

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