Mustang LX 347 BURNOUT


1965 Chevy Nova 1/4 Mile

1965 Chevy Nova 1/4 Mile


1968 Ford Falcon Burnout

1968 Ford Falcon Burnout

Ferrari California Special -A Short History

This Ferrari 250 California Special was sold in 2008 for eleven million dollars in Mareanello, Italy on May 18th, 2008. It once belonged to actor James Coburn who appeared in…


Video: 1969 Camaro Drag Car

CHEVY CAMARO conception-prototypes

The fifth generation Camaro begins with the 2009 model for the track only with retail starting in 2010. This Chevy model is manufactured in Canada for the North American market…

Ford Thunderbird 1957-1958

For  the Thunderbird in 1957 the grill is larger, the spare tire is back in the trunk mounted vertically now, the tail fins are more pronounced, and the portholes are…

Fairlane Ranchero from 1970 to 1979 ½-on the Torino, Thunderbird, LTD platform

The new decade brings a completely revised 1970 Ranchero sporting a shallow more pointed grill with a curvy, coke bottle body shape and all the options available for the full…

Buick Grand National 1987 plus “T” type and the GLX

Buick saved the best until last. The Buick Grand National is a Regal; on the Regal platform and made from 1982 until 1987. The 1987 Grand National looks much the…

Super Cheetah to 2012

The Cheetah chassis is constructed of Drawn Over Mandrel (DOM) chromium-molybdenum tubing TIG welded with tungsten inert gas. The design defies convention in that the engine is front mounted but…