Ford Fairlane Ranchero – Conception 1957 to 1959

Both Model “T” and Model “A” Ford’s were designed by simply placing a shortened passenger compartment and a truck box onto the frame of a sedan. The Ranchero body style…

The Cars of Queens: Part I – /BIG MUSCLE

The Cars of Queens: Part I – /BIG MUSCLE


HOT ROD: 1971 Plymouth ‘Cuda

1971 Plymouth ‘Cuda Conquers Pikes Peak! On this episode of HOT ROD Unlimited, HOT ROD magazine heads to Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs for the 90th running of the world’s…


Doomsday Impala

Doomsday Impala **S4S Global Drag Racing League**

Ford Torino 1973 The Last Generation

Ford Torino 1973 has integrated the 5 mph (8 km/h) impact regulations into the front bumpers and the sheet metal is also revised from the firewall forward. The front fascia…

CHEVY CAMARO conception-prototypes

The fifth generation Camaro begins with the 2009 model for the track only with retail starting in 2010. This Chevy model is manufactured in Canada for the North American market…

Best Muscle Cars

Best Muscle Cars

The Ford Galaxie 1959 to 1961

1959 Galaxie The Galaxie was the full size model offering from 1959 until 1974; the entry level carried the “Galaxie” badge with”500” the next step and “500 XL” denoting the…